SEC Football Scores App Reviews

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Just ok

The scores are not updated during the games, they just have the final scores. If I wanted a schedule without score updates, I can look at my master SEC schedule on my fridge

Schedules Not Updated

I was very disappointed to see the 2016 schedules were not loaded yet. Instead 2015 schedules are still there. You should keep the data current, as the 2016 schedules have been out for some time now.

SEC Channel

I love it! I can watch Paul Finebaum every afternoon and football every Saturday and Sunday. I can keep up with the scores of all the games at the same time. I get messages as soon as anything happens with my favorite teams. I highly recommend it!


Love it!


This app is terrible. It is slow and doesnt even have the right scores. Stick with ESPN!!!!!! And its free!

Great App

Great way to keep up with scores for your conference in one location. Much better than having to wade thru tons of scores on ESPN app. 4 stars instead of 5 only because there is a slight score update delay.

SEC the best!! App could have more!

Great app for general quick info and scores!!

Nothing is update !!

The standing for both the east and west or wrong the coaches poll have been out their not up todays if your gone have a SEC app keep it up todays or I could just look at Google This app was better when it frist came out

Update Quality

Never updated in a timely fashion

Needs some work

I like the app but since the latest update it crashes quite a bit. Hopefully it can be fixed soon so I can give a higher rating


This app is WAY too slow updating scores! It is often the next day before scores are posted. Completely useless if youre at a game and trying to keep up with other games.

App is Awesome!!

Bamabill is trying to use his phone internet in a stadium of 80k people. Its not the app thats slow Bill.

Awesome App!!!

Accurate and up to date

Scores are slow

I expect scores to be updated in a timely manner to make this app useful. As of 8am next day, several of the late games are frozen in time reflecting time left. Really?

Good for Schedules & Weekly Resilts

I agree that score updates are slow. I use ESPN to keep up with in-game scores. SEC APP is great to reference schedules, standings & historical current season scores.

Great App

This is the best app for SEC Football has everything to keep up with your SEC Team.

Great app

This is the best app for SEC action

SEC Football

Great app!

Slow to update / not comprehensive

In two weeks running, Ive found games missing from the running tally of sec games, and this week found scores to be very slow to update. Work to be done to make this app my go-to.

Needs work!

Slow updating scores. No time left on clock or what quarter the game is in. Has potential. Looks great.

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